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I regret to inform all my loyal and loving customers that we will be closing our doors for business as of August 31st. If you know of anyone who would be interested in purchasing this amazing business please have them contact Kim Lockwood @ 585-721-2674
PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Sometimes in life you have to step back and make another painful decision what is best for YOU. I'm RETIRING August 31st. I've had FastFitness up for sale since January and hope an offer comes in. We all have that magic number when you want to start to enjoy life. I've done 25 in the medical and 17 as business owner. I was going to stay 1 more year but other factors came in the mix, the building going up for sale, I'm not signing 5 more years and minimum wage keeps going up. I hope everyone understands and respects my decision. I do have an exit plan if it don't sell by August. I'll be making phone calls and returning some refunds. I want to travel, spend more time with Alicia and go to warmer weather in the winter. I'm sure I'll work some where couple days a week but with NO RESPONSIBILITY. I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU TO ALL THE EMPLOYEES AND INSTRUCTORS I'VE HAD, THEY WERE AWESOME. TO ALL THE LADIES THAT SUPPORTED ME FOR YEARS AND I'VE HAD HELPED OVER DECADES, YOU ALL INSPIRED ME IN SOME WAY. THERE WILL BE A GOING AWAY PARTY AS SOON AS I HAVE THE DETAILS. If you have any concerns please stop in and see me.

With Love, Kim


Circuit Training

Circuit TrainingAt Fast Fitness women feel comfortable working out with everything preset for them. Older people can enjoy exercise that is practically injury and soreness free. Busy people can now fit into their schedule both cardio and strength training. In addition to circuit training there are treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, a rowing machine and an Ab Jab. Here at Fast Fitness, lasting friendships are also formed.

500 Calories Baby!

We provide circuit training that targets every major muscle group in the body and burns 500 calories.

30 Minutes & Done!

At Fast Fitness you alternate upper body strength training exercises with aerobic recovery stations and then lower body exercise, all based in our 30 minute circuit.

Stay Motivated & On Track

Music is a key component to keeping our members motivated. A cue tape will tell you to move each thirty seconds and check your target heart rate each seven and a half minutes.

Strength + Cardio

You can have fun burning 500 calories and by elevating and maintaining your target heart rate, all performed in a minimum of three sets of strength training exercise, it combines the best of both worlds.

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Membership Plans

Membership PlansMultiple membership plans let you choose the best options for you, you can even ENROLL ONLINE!


Circuit Training

A fine-tuned circuit training program that encompasses your whole body and can burn up to 500 CALORIES


Aqua Massage

Get a massage! Dry water massage & hydrotherapy is available  after your complete workout.


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